Ms.K.U. (Digital Marketing)

"I learned to be a leader who leads their team to achieve the marketing plan and sales targets."

Ms.K.U. (Digital Marketing)

Work Place : Parfun Textile (Thailand)

What motivated you to work for Parfun?

This company gives me the feeling of learning new things especially an OEM & ODM business, which is well known among customers in textile industry in Japan, Europe, USA. and Asia. As the Digital Marketing Leader position, the responsibility is related to my interests in fashion, apparel, business strategy, marketing, where I can bring knowledge and experience from my past work and related to my major, Multimedia and Internet Engineering Course and Master of Business Administration. So, it very interesting and challenging for me.
In addition, management team have the visions to move forward in business, paying attention to the environment and fellow human beings which is a great inspiration for my work life.

What is your job responsibility and mission at Parfun?

As a leader in digital marketing position, my primary role is to plan all digital marketing of all channels such as website, facebook page, or other social media. And have to understand how to use and manage marketing tools both online and offline.
The important part of our strategy is expanding distribution channels, release business information to our customers, create media for people and industries to get information easily and quickly and raising awareness and understanding about Parfun. Developing the digital technology skill of staff through online channels for convenience, saving time and the proper use of Social networking sites.

Have you had a rewarding experience working for Parfun that you'd like to share?

I learned to be a leader who leads their team to achieve the marketing plan and sales targets. I want to share my experience with my colleagues around me and the company, I feel I grow when I know our customers are waiting for the product from our team and company and I'm proud that our products and our work are known by customers more and more. It is also rewarding to see myself growing and learn new things from the people in the company.

What is the attractive point to work for Parfun? And please share your personal goal at Parfun.

Parfun teaches employees to be aware of the world and environment. It also teaches people how you should work in the workplace, knowing it's role, keeping on time, paying attention in production of the products for customers no matter if big or small. I recognize that this is the attractive point of Parfun's commitment to being human-conscious and leading the industry.