Sustainable fashion
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Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing

While it is said that the fashion business in the world produces a large amount of waste, Parfun is serious about doing business sustainable with many activity. Started with reducing waste from the production process by utilizing body-size fabrics.

Use the minimum amount of water in dyeing factory and treat it thoroughly until the water is clean. And also abolish the coal boiler and replace it with a gas boiler to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. We already did it and We will continue to do new Sustainable projects in the future.

Fairtrade 10 Principal パルファン アパレル インナーウェア メーカー

Fair Trade & SDGS

Fairtrade & SDGS

"Taking Highest Profit is not answer but the Fair Profit for all is Important."

Parfun's policy is not get the highest profit, but the important thing is to buy materials at a fair price from everyone in the supply chain, including farmers and material suppliers. We are aiming for a business way that allows our supply chain people can secure the fair profits to live a full life. We think this is truly sustainable.

Water treatment system

Parfun aware of environmental issues and has been working on it for many years. A lot of water is used in the dyeing process in the fabric production factory, but the used water is thoroughly put into the water treatment facility, washed until it becomes clean water, and then discharged naturally.

Water Treatment Parfun Textile パルファン アパレル インナーウェア メーカー

Dry Dye

The normal process of fabric dyeing uses large amounts of water. However, Drydye is a dyeing method that does not use water, saving the world's resources. Parfun group factories are able to provide customers with products dyed using drydye.

From coal boiler to natural gas boiler

Our Previously used coal boiler emitted a lot of CO2 and coal ash, after research many type of fuel, Parfun decide to switched our boiler to CNG gas boiler from 2022 Year, that can reduce CO2 emissions by 70%. We are the First fabric factory in Asean.

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Recycle Cloth, reduce waste

Everyone know that the apparel industry produces a lot of garbage. Parfun was aware of that and we started with what we could do. One of the projects that has succeeded now is to work with a spinning company in Thailand to reprocess the waste fabric from the cutting process and the old clothes that no longer needed into yarn, and use the recycled yarn to revive it as a new fabric.