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Mr. Hidekazu Fujii

"Returning to our roots and moving forward"

Since founding in 1956, thanks to your support, Parfun progressed as an OEM-maker in the field of women’s innerwear.
In pursuit of the eternal theme of women “Beauty and Comfort”, we’re working on manufacturing in the spirit of “Bon Ji Tet Tei” in order to provide customers with reliable quality. Today, the changes in the world are becoming more intense.
We at Parfun transform ourselves by keeping an eye on the needs of the market and always thinking about “What our customers are looking for” and “How to manufacture products that satisfy our customers more”.

Looking back to the founding spirit, we will move forward together under the philosophy “Maintaining the status quo will always lead to defeat”.
As the overseas expansion of material procurement and production accelerates, we will strengthen our marketing, product planning, production management, quality control, and other functions, and work on human resource development from a global perspective.
Parfun continues to strive to provide products that please our customers and aims to be a World-Class OEM manufacturer.
We sincerely hope that you will continue to support Parfun in the future.

Pursuit of Quality and Fineness

more beautiful and more comfortable.

"Beauty" is the eternal theme for women.
To make that beauty real is Parfun's mission.

Parfun works out the actual needs of the targeted end-users by analyzing their lifestyle and trends. Based on the data and feedback from the customers, Parfun plans products that are well balanced in function, materials and design aspects to fit in the time.

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of women's body shape, we are able to create pattern based on trends, the features of each textile, and production process. With the belief that "reliable manufacturing starts from design", we are constantly striving to create high-quality, elegant products that everyone will be satisfied with. Parfun keep striving to offer innerwear that takes advantage of functional design, careful selection of pattern and materials to the customer.


"A professional who identifies diversifying market's needs and makes optimal proposals" Parfun is an OEM manufacturer that offers complete solutions on women's innerwear from researching , product design, product development, production, and quality control.


While it is said that the fashion business in the world produces a large amount of waste, Parfun is serious about doing sustainable business with many sustainable activities.


Since founding in 1956, thanks to your support, Parfun progressed as an OEM-maker in the field of women's innerwear.

Work with Us

Parfun's culture begins with "Greetings with full of smiles", and aims to contribute to society by sharing the values of the company and its employees. Young people who share this and are interested in learning more about manufacturing fashion products for the world are welcome to join our team.