Mr.S.A. (Apparel OEM Sales Manager)

I'm proud to be able to supply products to my favorite brands.

Mr.S.A. (Apparel OEM Sales Manager)

Work Place : Tokyo Office

What motivated you to work for Parfun?

Because I thought it was a company that works on a global scale. When I joined the company in 2005, in addition to the current production bases in Thailand and China, the company also had an office in New York in the United States, this global environment is a big reason for me.

What is your job responsibility and mission at Parfun?

As a sales person, I communicate with customers on a daily basis, and I also go on overseas business trips once a month. Since most of the customers we serve are global companies, I believe that it is my mission to make Parfun grow and expand along with the customer growth strategies.

Have you had a rewarding experience working for Parfun that you'd like to share?

To be involved in OEM production for my favorite brands make me feel rewarded. I'm proud to be able to supply products to my favorite brands. That's why I don't want to cut corners in my work, and I don't want to compromise. I’m proud that we continue to work in this way, and we have been able to build a relationship of trust with our customers. I also feel rewarded to see my children wearing the products I worked on. I proudly tell my children that I work at Parfun, saying, “Daddy is a happy shorts maker” 😊 .

What is the attractive point to work for Parfun? And please share your personal goal at Parfun.

In the past, I used to be a contractor to produce bedding-related products. Although, I am no longer taking orders, I can utilize the experience I gained at that time in my current sales activities. Parfun is an innerwear manufacturer, but within the large category of sewing, company culture encourages us to try products other than innerwear, and I think that is one of attractive points in Parfun.