Ms.N.R. (Textile Sales Representative)

"There is new knowledge everywhere in the workplace, which challenges me and constantly improves my abilities without getting bored."

Ms.N.R. (Textile Sales Representative)

Work Place : Parfun Textile (Thailand)

What motivated you to work for Parfun?

As far as I’ve known about Parfun, I feel that the organization has developed constantly. Whether it is conceptual or practice to keep up with the ever-changing era. It consists of the Sales skills that I have. It allows me to use it to the fullest and a company with a variety of environments, different nationalities made me open my vision more.

What is your job responsibility and mission at Parfun?

My job and mission at work are to take care of existing customers and find new ones. (Both domestic and abroad) go out to meet customers. Offer fabric price to customers, closing deals, Taking orders and placing orders on the production line and coordinating. With all relevant sectors in order to deliver quality products to customer to achieve the goals that customers need. Notification of the deadline for the delivery of the work, Report problems and solutions to all production sectors and customers as well. Make sales summaries, and monthly reports and arrange quality meetings within the organization with customers regularly.

Have you had a rewarding experience working for Parfun that you'd like to share?

I have a good experience from this job such as, learning the skills of a good salesperson whether it's negotiation, way of thinking and communicating with customers or others, internally or externally. The workplace taught me to learn new things all the time, problems solving, find the best solution for customer. It's challenging but constantly improving my abilities without getting tired, because everywhere in the workplace have new knowledge. Learning to think carefully, learn the habits of human to know other point of view, helping and kindness can improve the quality of my own work.

What is the attractive point to work for Parfun? And please share your personal goal at Parfun.

The interesting point of working for Parfun is management team recognize of the importance of work of all sectors and give an opportunity to express opinions honestly. Throughout the period of working in the sales department here, I feel that I opened my vision and ideas more and learned the strategies of both proactive and reactive sales. My Goals from now on is continuing to develop techniques that have been acquired and become a Sale Manager more professionally