Mr.M.S. (Sewing Factory MGR)

"I feel most rewarding when the factory unites toward a goal."

Mr.M.S. (Sewing Factory MGR)

Work Place : Parfun Textile (Thailand)

What motivated you to work for Parfun?

Simply put, the reason is that Parfun matched the environment I was looking for.

Since I was a student, I have had a life theme of "Mastering the way of Manufacturing". At that time, I just finished studying abroad for two years, and when I was looking for a job that would allow me to be involved in "Manufacturing" and "overseas", I came across Parfun. I wasn't interest in apparel before, but I knew Parfun had several factories in Thailand and its main customers were growing companies, so I decided to join Parfun.

What is your job responsibility and mission at Parfun?

<Improvement activities on Production site>

At the production site, problems can be found almost every day. One of the most important tasks of the factory manager is to improve the situation and improve the workplace. There is no final goal in improvement activities (Kaizen), but the immediate goal of improvement is all employees can do improvement activities by themselves.

<Promoting Digital transformation (DX) and Automation>

The Parfun Group has set the theme of promoting DX conversion from 2022, and I am responsible for promoting DX conversion in the field. The project I'm currently working on is the conversion of production data into electronic forms. I don't have IT programming skills myself, but as a team, our immediate goal is to introduce the system we created to all factories in the group.

In addition, for promoting automation, part of the work is proposing automatic robots for simple tasks and proposing and creating the supporting robots. The final goal is to turn the on-site’s experience into a form and fully automate the simple work, but first of all, the immediately goal is to set up an “automatic machine development team” at the local factory in Thailand.

Have you had a rewarding experience working for Parfun that you'd like to share?

An intuitive answer but I find it the most rewarding when the factory unites toward a goal. When we are working together to produce on time, are having fun at the year-end party, are solving a big problem at the work site or are working together as a team at any time, I feel more rewarded.

What is the attractive point to work for Parfun? And please share your personal goal at Parfun.

I believe that it is “an environment that supports growth”. My first job after joining Parfun was the maintenance of sewing machines. From there, I was also appointed as a sewing line leader, and then I was entrusted with on-site management at a small factory.

I think the attractive point of Parfun is the environment that supports staff’s growth.

I think that the environment will change as I grow, but my goal at Parfun is using my on-site experience and become a person who can make accurate decisions and can take action instantly in any situation.