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Management Philosophy At parfun, our core principles are honesty and truth. We believe our fundamental philosophy is a achieving a high ideology.we are striving to achive a higher ideology in our business practices as this is a fundamental philosophy.At parfun our employees gain satisfaction from the development of our work,we have high expectations of them and this reflects in the quality of the products.We contribute to society by balancing our goals with the persoal pursuit of happiness or all our employees and the continual development of our organization.

What's is Palfun
Company Name
The name of the company is derived from our founder’s name, Kaoru Fujii. “Kaoru,” meaning “pleasant fragrance,” is “PARFUM” in French. This term was arranged to “PARFUN,” befitting a ladies innerwear company.
Corporate Logo
The round and soft design represents a ladies innerwear company whose common destiny with its employees and business partners relying on good relations.